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Anime Update

Monday, May 30th, 2005

Well, Laughing Man finally made good with episode 21 of Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex 2nd Gig, and it’s frickin’ awesome! GITSSAC:2ndGig is turning out even better than the first season, which is already in competition for my favorite anime series of all time.

AnimeForever has started a new project, Trinity Blood, a futuristic post-apocalyptic Victorian-themed vampire-killer series. It’s a lot better than it sounds like it could possibly be. The main character hella reminds me of Vash the Stampede.

Other than TB, though, I haven’t picked up any new series lately. I’m still trying to find time to catch up on the new Ah! My Goddess series (laughing at me? !@#%$ you, buddy!). I also grab all the new Mahou Shoujo Tai episodes when they come out.

Just ‘cuz I’m in the mood to list them, current nominees for best anime series of all time are:

Cowboy Bebop
Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex
Samurai Deeper Kyo
Last Exile

Samurai Champloo, Maho Shoujo Tai, Paranoia Agent, Chobits … These are a few of my favorite things, as well, but the stuff above is a step above.