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Wrong Number

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

It wasn’t technically a collect call, it was via TextCollect, which bills you $10 as a premium text message service, so that’s how the actual billing mechanism works without setting it up to receive.

I thought it might be one of my friends, …and I could return the favor they’ve done me several times and bail them out of jail. Fortunately, it turns out my friends are too old and boring to get themselves arrested, or have to call me to get out.

For all I know it was some dude random-calling people to see if someone would answer. That happened to me one time in College Station when I was at A&M, some woman in the county jail picked my number to get me to try to help her out.

Not that I would have minded much. One time back in must’ve been ‘95 I was in in jail and didn’t have anybody to call, so I know how desolate that can be. Luckily I had a check for $98 and I finally talked a bondsman into taking it.

This guy didn’t ask me to do anything for him, though, so when we were about to hang up I asked if there was any message I could deliver, seeing as I’d already spent the ten dollars.

He gave me his brother Bill’s phone number and asked me to tell him that he’d filled out a release for him to come pick up his belongings from Del Valle.

His brother been down there today, you see, he was waiting out front to get this guy’s stuff–I never got the guy’s name–but he couldn’t, because the release form wasn’t signed.

I did get a hold of the guy and told him the story. Bill asked me to tell his brother that it would be a couple days before he could get back down there. I told him that wasn’t how it worked, I was just delivering a message, and he sounded downcast. Them’s the breaks, though.