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Sunday, June 13th, 2010

A few days ago as I walked toward the spice rack at Whole Foods, a man in his fifties, about my height but wiry, approached me from the left. By walking up to the spice rack I forced him to go around behind me, but as there was an end cap protuding to my right, he would have had to circumnavigate any way.

As I walked up to the rack, He continued in a straight line, and I laughed nervously at the you-go-right-I-go-right sense of it, and started to say something, to which he ducked his head and with a “Mrrrrruuhhh!” put his hands out front and shoved me.

It was obviously not a credible attempt to hurt me so much as a childish fit of pique. I stared at him quizzicly as he passed around me, then laughed and yelled, “You might want to watch yourself there, buddy!” after him. He said something like “You did it!” while trying to intimidate me with his eyebrow, then turned and walked away.

I was going to let it go at that, but Travis thought the guy looked kind of coked-up and/or crazy, and and alerted the staff, who had a word with him (he said I walked into him, but they said it was obvious from the way he was acting that he’d done it).

Anyway, that’s the strangest thing that happened to me last week.