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Dark Days

Monday, March 19th, 2007

Category: Parties and Nightlife

Been a while. Haven’t given much of a shit. Not sure I do. A little bored. A few words:


The new TMNT movie is, like, totally awesome. It’s a joint US-Hong Kong production, and as you’d expect, the fight choreography is all whippety-do-da, but on top of that they stayed true to the old-school TMNT characters and made a movie that works well both for kids and adults; or, at any rate, adults who grew up on a steady diet of turtle ass-kicking, at any rate. We saw it at a sneak preview, and spent a large chunk of the movie trying to figure out whose voices we were listening to. It turns out we had some hits and misses when the credits rolled around. Neither one of us figured out Master Splinter was Mako or that Chris Evans (the human torch from Fantastic Four) was Casey Jones, but Travis pegged Sarach Michelle Geller as April. Neither of us had trouble figuring out Patrick Stewart as one major character, and we both sort-of got Zhang ZiYi as the leader of the foot clan (I said it was some Chinese chick, probably Zhang or Bai Ling, and Travis said it was somebody from Memoirs of a Geisha, and thought it was probably Zhang). Kevin Smith has a cameo as well.

The same director is currently making a CG version of Gatchaman, another series I never missed growing up (it was called G-Force at the time, but it and Star Blazers, neĆ© Space Battleship Yamato, made up most of my whole television diet. I’m gonna go see that opening night as well.

I also recently saw The Ant Bully, which had some great, trippy visuals, great art design, an interesting story, and solid performances from everybody but Nick Cage, who was still kind of pretty much all right.

So, those are both good. They both look like kiddie movies made by amateurs next to Miyazaki’s Howl’s Moving Castle, which I finally got around to watching last night. It’s among his best movies.

I caught the first episode of the The Riches, which came off as some kind of crazy American Gypsy noir kind of thing. I liked it quite a bit, but doubt I’ll be watching much more of it. Only got so much time to spend watching the idiot box, you know. I hightly recommend it to the more couch-potato-y, though. Eddie Izzard is always funny, and Minnie Driver plays white trash better than you’d expect.

Yay Zilker Park Kite Festival

Friday, March 2nd, 2007

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural