So today I wanted really bad to go to Fry’s and get in on their 20″ widescreen flat-panel display deal for $329, but I don’t have as much money as I want, so instead I went to Goodwill Computer Works, where I found a Sony Multiscan E540 21″ Trinitron monitor for $75, and–get this–a 24″ widescreen Dell P1690 for $85. This is what my mothafuckin’ computer look like RIGHT NOW:

Here’s my brother’s studio:

I’ve got a Full-sized screen shot of both monitors on my desktop to give an idea of how much my monitors love my eyes. You can see more things at the same time, and therefore do more things at the same time, which will allow you to get out from in front of your computer faster, which I’m going to do now.-k. ^-^

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